VNP, a company specializing in manufacturing plastic bags is built and developed in 2011 in Hai Phong, Viet Nam when the founder Johnny DK started doing business and relized the advantages of opening government policies, favorable geographical position and hard working, skilled employees source…

JDK has graduallyexpanded and developed company aims at exporting products abroad markets which have strict requirements on product quality such as Japan, Europe and North America as well as worldwide.

As the founder and CEO/ Managing Director, Johnny DK plays an important role in searching overseas markets, directing production and controlling product quality. He is known as an excellent man in adjusting the machine in production line if necessary.

Despite its growth, the fundamental rules did not change. The key personnels from the beginning and new employees have seen the company developed from initial basis and keep on sticking with the company’s development.

As a local company which approaches on a global scale with the promise that our company will continue to strive daily to be the best we can be

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